Volunteer Badge Process:

To volunteer with the School District, all individuals must complete the online application to be screened for Level 1 clearance. Approved volunteers will receive an email inviting them to visit the preferred school listed on their application, to assist BCPS students with their learning experience. The 2023/24 volunteer application is available at browardschools.com/volunteer.

Want to help out? Check out these volunteer opportunities!

All volunteers MUST have applied for and received their volunteer clearance through Broward County Schools.

  • Math Mania Volunteer- Teachers need help grading the Math Mania (math facts) assessments. Students are excited to complete these assessments to earn brag tags for their math facts
  • Cafeteria volunteer- Cafeteria volunteers are needed to wipe down tables in between classes and occasionally help students opening containers and such.

Join Us

We need YOUR help! Without Volunteers, our Events and Fundraisers can not be successful!

Click here for a brief description of the different opportunities to get involved and volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Meet the Masters Art Program please click here to let us know how you would like to be involved.

  • Gator Run PTA Volunteer Interest Form

  • This a list of PTA volunteer options. You can check one or as many as you want.

All Volunteers must be registered on Broward County Public School website

Off-Site Volunteer Hours

The process to record off-site volunteer hours has changed.

  1. Login into the BCPS Volunteer Portal  using the login you created to apply to be a volunteer.
  2. After your profile loads, click “Hours” at the top

3. Click “Add Hours” at the top right.

4. Fill out the form according to what you have done.  Make sure to select the date and appropriate start/end times so that the duration is calculated. Click Save.


5. Repeat for all the other dates.