While volunteering will be different this year due to the COVID/E-learning situation, teachers would like the help of room parents.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate class volunteers
  • Organize class celebrations (Winter Party/End-of-Year Party)
  • Coordinate  money collection for teacher/ESP (Educational Support Professional) gifts (Winter Holidays, End-of-Year and Birthdays)
  • Recruit class volunteers for school-wide events (Field Day, Classroom Parties, etc)
  • Help during Staff Appreciation Week
  • Upload pictures of class events for the Yearbook
  • If you have any questions or challenges please reach out.  We are here to help Info@gatorrunpta.com

Uploading Photos for Yearbook

  • Please click here to upload pictures for the yearbook
  • Gator Run School code is:  85275
  • Please remember to make sure all kids are cleared to appear in the yearbook
  • Keep in mind photos should be a fair representation of all kids (approved to be in the yearbook) in the class
  • 5 or so photos from each major event with groups of kids in the photo is a good guide.