Position Officer
President Erin Monaghan
Treasurer Natalie Va
Recording Secretary Maria Huey
Corresponding Secretary Julie Camunas
1st VP(Aide to Pres.) Mary Grossman
2nd VP (Membership) Valerie Ben-David
3rd VP(Ways & Means) Elena Zervos
4th VP(Yearbook & Art) Alejandra Caban
5th VP (Volunteers) Odina Suarez
6th VP(Programming) Astrid Camacho
1st Executive Chair Daniella Graff
2nd Executive Chair Grace Martinez
3rd Executive Chair Katrina Gamez
4th Executive Chair Jo Crimmins



Our Purpose

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The overall purpose of the Gator Run Elementary PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality in the following ways:

  • Promote activities that enhance the joy and well-being of Gator Run students and staff in a way the compliments and enriches the learning environment
  • Advocate on behalf of students, staff and the school
  • Encourage parent involvement in our school
  • Seek out and express the voice and spirit of our school community
  • Plan and organize programs and activities that meet the needs of Gator Run
  • Build community within the school, and enhance the relationship among the school, parents, and the wider community; and encourage the community’s investment of time, energy, and money into Gator Run
  • Create a welcoming and vibrant school community
  • We would love for you to join the PTA.

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